The Human Torch #4 - Schomburg Cover - CBCS 4.5!

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CBCS 4.5 (VG+) copy of The Human Torch #4 -  Official CBCS page description is "Off-White/White". The book says #5 in the indica but it is truly #4 - the next issue had #5 on both the cover and the indica. This book pre-dates the attack on Pearl Harbor so american comic companies are supporting the fight against Nazi Germany - note the partially covered British flag - the Battle of Britain was in full force during 1941. A second interesting part is the back cover ad for Young Allies #1 which is different cover than what was actually used. The cover shown was anti-Soviet Union as Stalin is one of the villains (he was anyway after the war) and might have been drawn prior to Germany declaring war on the Soviet Union. Story by Bill Everett, Carl Burgos and Ray Gill; Cover art by Alex Schomburg; Art by Bill Everett, Carl Burgos and Ray Gill

The Human Torch #4 - Back Image
Back cover image

Note: Glare on the large image scan is due to the reflection of the CBCS case.
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