Marvel Masterworks Vol. 116 Variant Hardcover - Marvel Mystery Comics

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Written by Joe Simon, Ray Gill, Andrew McWhiney & Various, Penciled by Carl Burgos, Bill Everett, Jack Kirby, Paul Gustavson, Steve Dahlman, Bob Oksner & Ben Thompson, Cover by Alex Schomburg

And now the flagship title of Marvel's Golden Age REALLY heats up! From day one Marvel Comics brought you Carl Burgos' blazing Human Torch and Bill Everett's undersea powerhouse Sub-Mariner, but two of the Golden Age's most thrilling characters just wasn't enough for MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS-Enter, the Vision! Created by Timely's titanic team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the Vision, burst into the Earthly world via Professor Enoch Mason's dimension smasher and brought to MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS an eerie crime-noir serial that sealed the comic's place at the very top of the Golden Age's greatest! Joined by the crime-fighting Angel, boy-adventurer Terry Vance, the caterwauling science fiction tales of Electro, and Ka-Zar's jungle action, there's no comparison for variety and excitement, so celebrate Marvel's 70th anniversary and reserve your copy today! Collecting MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #13-16. 280 PGS/All Ages.

Note: Only 1055 copies of this variant hardcover edition were printed! Defects in the images are due to the shrink wrap - watermark is part of the scan and NOT part of the book.

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