Marvel Masterworks Vol. 118 Variant Hardcover - Journey Into Mystery

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Written by Stan Lee & Various, Penciled by Russ Heath, Bill Everett, Don Perlin, George Tuska, Dick Ayers, Myron Fass, Paul Reinman, Mort Lawrence, Vince Colletta, Jack Abel, Tony Dipreta, Harry Anderson, Vic Carrabotta, Pete Tumlinson, Robert Q. Sale, Al Luster, Doug Wildey, Al Eadeh, Bill Walton, John Forte, Don Lorrino, Dick Briefer, Pablo Ferro, Mannie Banks, Howard Post & More, Cover by Russ Heath

It's time again to journey into the deepest, darkest, most terrifying recesses of Marvel history, so make sure you've got batteries in your flashlight and prepare yourself for another deadly dose of pre-Code horror! In 1953 the gloves were off, and for a thin dime you could experience all the horrors of the human imagination as portrayed in despondent four-color gorey. So if you're the sort that likes weird and shocking tales, shamble on up for ten issues of wall-to-wall zombies, ghosts, vampires and devil-dealing ne'er-do-wells illustrated by the very best of the Atlas Era! Collecting JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #11-20. 272 PGS/All Ages

Note: Only 1100 copies of this variant hardcover edition were printed! Defects in the images are due to the shrink wrap - watermark is part of the scan and NOT part of the book.

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