House of Mystery #112 - F/VF!

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F/VF (7.0) copy of House of Mystery #112 - nice flat, glossy copy with very small and faint spine stress lines - corner wear is next to non-existent. Staples are clean and intact as is the centerfold. Faint and small water stains near the DC logo. Very light sun fade at the top and right edges. A few surface imperfections - i.e. creases that do not break the cover inks - at the center area and edges. Upper and right lower corners are nice. Back cover looks nice with a couple of tiny dings at the outside edge. All four cover sides have very light tanning - more noticeable on the interior cover sides. Page quality is excellent at OWL 9.5 -- Stories by Arnold Drake, Jack Schiff, Jerry Coleman and Dick Wood; Art by Bernard Baily, Bill Ely, Howard Purcell and George Roussos.
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