Brave and The Bold #59 - Solid FINE!

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Solid FINE copy of The Brave and The Bold #59 - spine has a few stress lines and minimal corner wear. Small to tiny abrasion area to the lower right of the hour glass. Staples are clean and intact as is the centerfold. Top edge has a few thumbnail type creases that barely break the cover inks if at all and a very light dust shadow on the right edge. Right and bottom edge wear is fairly light. Upper right corner is nice - lower right corner has extremely light creasing within a 2" area. Back cover looks nice with light dust shadows at the outside and bottom edges - extremely light age related soiling - i.e. the type you get from books rubbing together over time. Page quality is very high at OWL - 9.0 - Story by Bob Haney, Art by Ramona Fradon, Gil Kane, Jack Adler, Charles Paris & Ira Schnapp. All books are bagged and boarded.
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